GRÜN Slovakia s.r.o

Provider of Internet and software solutions

GRÜN Slovakia s.r.o

GREEN Slovakia sr. (GSS) is a software company in Slovakia and cooperates with GRÜN Software Group GmbH in Germany. GSS offers software systems services and products. Our main focus is on projects introducing industrial software systems in the administrations of organizations, companies or public authorities.

GRÜN VEWAindustry software

GRÜN Slovakia s.r.o. is exclusive provider of the GRÜN VEWA software family In Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The Internet and industry software solutions are successfully used in niche sectors such as member organisations, fundraisers or seminar providers. The VEWA software family can be implemented in associations, political parties, public authorities, societies, non-profit organizations, trade unions, chambers, academies or in training departments of industrial companies. Furthermore, it can be used to support administrative processes in public authorities.

In extensive projects, a short consulting session will be hold to determine the expense of the project and your requirements. The resulting specification document will form the basis of our offer.

We present our software solutions free and without obligation in the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic – your interest is required.

The transfer of your data is possible from various DV platforms. The smart interface and intelligence that integrates your business processes provide a smooth data import.

Individual development and
job programming

GRÜN Slovakia sr. develops custom software in another business unit and provides IT services such as project services or outsourcing for the entire European region. The main business activities take place in Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Our various services are provided by on-site collaboration on customer projects and independent development tasks on behalf of the client.

In extensive projects we determine the expense of the project and your performance requirements in the context of a short organizational consulting. The resulting specification document will form the basis of our offer.

Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, desktop RDBMSes: Xbase, MS-Access

.NET, OLE, ActiveX, DirectX, OpenGL, COM/DCOM, MacroMedia Flash, J2SE, J2EE, servlets, scriptlets

About GRÜN Slovakia s.r.o


GRÜN Slovakia s.r. (GSS) was founded in December 2007 in Slovakia and cooperates with the GRÜN Group, which employs around 150 people at various locations in Europe.


Our team in Bratislava consists of highly qualified employees with language skills in Slovak, German and English.

Market leader

The products of the GRÜN-VEWA family are leading industry software for member and donation organizations in Germany. More than 2 billion euros in in donations are processed with this tailor made software solution.

Please contact us

Please feel free to contact us. Fill out the contact form if you have any questions about GRÜN VEWA or about an individual development project. We look forward to your inquiry.

Head: Drevená 926/1, SK-969 01
Banská Štiavnica
Office Bratislava: Fraňa Krála 13
SK-81105 Bratislava
+421 25443 3800